Your New Home At Outside

LYKIA, is the region of newly developing concept “HIP-Highly Individual Places, a very special places for person” holidays, and KAMARCA, one of the pioneers of this concept.

Dalyan is a natural beauty...Koycegiz lake connects to the sea with cool reedbed labyrinths.You will have the chance to travel in those labyrinths;The famous caretta caretta turtles lay eggs to a beautiful 7km. beach; The Lykia king graves carved to the rocks on a mountain; The mud baths, ancient Kaunos city. These are just a few examples of Dalyan's beauty. Tepearasi, where the hotel is located, is only 4km. away from Dalyan. On your way to Dalyan from the hotel you will be able to travel through the forest which is really a great experiance.

Poolside at Kamarca

The hotel's pool was located in an unusual architectural towards the mountain path and also the sun bathing places has very same basic materials which were used in hotel's architectural.



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