The owner is an experienced cook who served in restaurants and catering companies for long years. She also recently added a five years of experience to her career in the United States. By completing and openning Kamarca, the owner finally made her dream come true. The kitchen is the most important place for both Kamarca and the owner. The kitchen is set up perfectly with wooden parts and most recent technology kitchenwares. The owner pays the most attention to the cleanliness of the kitchess as well as the rest of the hotel. The meals are not timely limited at Kamarca. When you are having your breakfast, you will have the opportunity to taste house made chese, jam, bread, cakes, and cookies made by the owner. Lets not forget the hand picked tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggs. Also oranges picked from the trees will help you to have a perfect start to your day with fresh orange juice. The meals for dinner will be prepared in the stone oven, or you will have the choice to have a barbeque party. Also sea food, and any kind of cuisine will be offered depanding on your demand. Variety of alcholic beverages will be offered as well.

The excellent comfort in Kamarca will help you to feel like home, and very special. Silence, magnificent moon and the stars, perfectly chosen wines, and relaxing background music are going to make your evenings wonderful at Kamarca. There is no extra light population around Kamarca, and the owner supply her guests with an automatic telescope. By this you will have a closer look to the perfect sky. Comfortable chairs and tables, a big swing for two to three people and the hammock for two people complete the owners great garden.


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